Are we safe? – Information Security

info-secEver wondered how safe it really is when we mention names, share profile information, and tag people in photos in our social media accounts?

And if you are working in an IT company, how can your customers be assured that the data they have provided with you is safe and it can only be accessed by people who only have such authentication rights?

In this post, we ask ourselves, “Are we safe?” with regards to the Information Security in the control of handling (and mishandling) of data within an organization. Continue reading “Are we safe? – Information Security”


Cloud Computing, does it rain?

Just like when we were kids where we enjoy little things such as having to play in the rain, now that we are adults, we still enjoy little things. Just… it now comes with a price. Little, may mean little in size, but heavy in technical features. Just like our smartphones and personal computers.

At work, we mainly use our personal computers to process data and complete tasks. Outside of work, we use our smartphones to connect with family and friends, update our Facebook social media account, and even watch the latest episode of our favorite Anime and drama. But sometimes, we also have to do our work using our personal gadgets to increase productivity. So how do we access the documents saved in your computer from your smartphone or vice-versa?

Let us store it in the Cloud.  Continue reading “Cloud Computing, does it rain?”

Ethics in the ICT Workplace

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Working in the Information Age, especially in the ICT Industry, entails having a profession that has to deal with lots of personal and confidential information, where every available piece of data should not be overlooked in order to provide the most accurate and reliable information presentable.

And so in this post, we emphasize the need of our consumers for a reliable and responsible handling of those personal and confidential data through the proper understanding and practice of Ethics in the workplace.

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今回の2nd Trimesterにクラスが3つあります。(Basic Concepts in IT、Data Structures and Algorithms、Object Oriented Programming)

Basic Conceptsは特に大変なことをさせられていないから、いいのですが、Data Structures と OOP は 仕事に使っていないことがいっぱいで技術的にどうすればいいかとかどこで調べても、だれかに相談しても、わからないことがたくさんあります。とくに今は、OOPのクラスで、Desktop Applications の 開発は大学を出てから全然していないので、あの Threads と Client / Server Socket Networking のことがどう実装することに頭が痛くなります。


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だったら、なに?なんで楽しみにしているの?よく考えてみると、今年はいろんな活動に入って、それぞれのクリスマスパーティーがあります。#FoodVentures にはなりますが、それより家族以外も会社の同僚以外も他の人にも出会って、お互いに知り合って、仲良くできるんだからと思います。

Let’s see… Let’s see… What this year’s Christmas can offer.

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Developing Careers in the IT Industry

It is very sad to hear when people refer a person in the IT industry only as “tig-ayo computer” (computer technician), “mang hack WIFI”, or even a “tig bantay internetan” (internet cafe personnel). There is so much in IT that non-technical individuals need to understand. And one way to do that is to get to know the different fields an IT student can pursue in the development of his career.

IT Profession as a Booming Career

In the Information Age that we are in right now, the need to develop information-based systems rise so much that the IT industry have to focus on addressing these demands. 

Let’s say you have your own small cafeteria and you would want to advertise your shop online so that you can reach to more people in your locality. Furthermore, a quicker and more reliable system of managing your accounts and inventory would be a helpful addition in running your cafeteria. However, how does one start to improve these issues?

Here comes your local “tig bantay internetan” (internet cafe personnel) IT development team.

IT Development Team

A specific role is assigned to each person in an IT development team. 

Overall, the project is handled by a Project Manager who oversees the whole process of the software project from design, development until delivery. He employs individuals that does the actual work from a Software Engineer or System Analyst, to a Web Designer and Developer. They work on these tasks to help deliver your IT need.


I hope with this short article, we may help to expand the definition of IT as a career to our non-technical counterparts on the question “IT man ka sa?” (You’re an IT personnel right?) with the following response:

“Yes, I am. And I work as a Software Engineer (your field).”