Git push before running!

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As Information Technology aims to better organize the structure of data and its manipulation in handling business organizations, comes the danger of data loss, and erroneous update when a disaster strikes and damages your company’s IT infrastructures. Continue reading “Git push before running!”


Applying ICT in the Business Envir

Remember Multiply?

It was a famous online social networking service just like Facebook and Friendster by then which could allow the users to post unlimited photos and videos online as well as create blog posts and embed YouTube videos and music, but eventually turned its major services into an online marketplace for something like e-shopping.

This is just a sample of how ICT has transformed the way day to day business is executed to capture the opportunities and advancements with emerging technologies as a driver of economics.

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WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth… wait, what?!

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Our biggest dilemma.

I can still remember the time when we used to order fast food through landline and we would push each other as to who would take the call and order for everyone. That time also, where we had to work on a school project but there was only one computer that could cater all our activities, so everyone else either had to do something else, or not do anything at all.

This time though, location is no longer an issue through wireless connectivity. Continue reading “WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth… wait, what?!”

Have you ever heard of ICT4D?

It might sound like how we value our video games or movies nowadays, like 3D vs. 2D, but ICT4D is a totally different topic. In this blog post, we venture into the world of ICT and its application towards our community, how it greatly influences our current way of life, and how it affects the development of the poor and marginalized people and communities in this Information Age. Continue reading “Have you ever heard of ICT4D?”

The Advancement of Mobile Computing

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I cannot imagine spending my whole day without checking my notifications on my social networking account every now and then,” says almost every young individual around the globe.

I start my day checking on my phone. I also end it by checking again my phone. In between the day, may it be in school or at work, I frequently check it again and again. How come it has been this addicting?

Even before the advancement of social networking, people have already used mobile devices to communicate across people from different locations building relationships among people and increasing productivity at work. These technologies that allow transmission of data, voice and video via a computer or any other wireless enables device without having to be connected to a fixed physical link is what we refer to as: “Mobile Computing“. Continue reading “The Advancement of Mobile Computing”

Connecting People through Social Networking

Image result for using a computer clipartI can still remember the days when I first started getting hooked into Social Networking. It started during the last years of my grade school, but heightened during my high school years, and so on. At that time, using a personal computer meant only for school projects using word processing applications and a few entertainment purposes through offline games, but when internet connection started to get the attention of many, even those who were not tech-savvy, they too embraced the benefits of connecting people online through Social Networking. Continue reading “Connecting People through Social Networking”

Are we safe? – Information Security

info-secEver wondered how safe it really is when we mention names, share profile information, and tag people in photos in our social media accounts?

And if you are working in an IT company, how can your customers be assured that the data they have provided with you is safe and it can only be accessed by people who only have such authentication rights?

In this post, we ask ourselves, “Are we safe?” with regards to the Information Security in the control of handling (and mishandling) of data within an organization. Continue reading “Are we safe? – Information Security”